Sponsorship & Partnership


What is the difference between a sponsorship and a partnership?

A sponsorship for an organisation (not Healthcare Professional travel sponsorships) is an opportunity advertised (in writing) for an event or activity that is independently organised and meets the following criteria:

• It must enhance medical knowledge, improve health outcomes and improve the quality use of medicines.

• It must be for the purchase of a promotional or scientific activity at an independent event.

• The cost of sponsorship must be public and transparent.

A partnership is a collaborative activity between Lilly and another organisation to enhance medical knowledge, improve health outcomes and improve quality use of medicines. Lilly’s involvement must extend beyond the provision of financial support.
Both a sponsorship and a partnership are governed by a contract where each party has mutual obligations and responsibilities.

What factors are considered when deciding whether to fund a sponsorship or partnership request?

• Lilly will consider sponsorships and partnerships that enhance medical knowledge, outcomes and improve the quality use of medicines.

• Lilly is more inclined to support activities that are more closely aligned to the company’s area of expertise (disease state / therapeutic areas).

• The sponsored or partnering organisation will need to demonstrate credibility and expertise in its field and be subject to a due diligence process.

What is outside the scope of Lilly’s sponsorships and partnerships process?

The following requests will not be considered under Lilly’s Sponsorships & Partnerships program:

• Independant clinical and medical research. Click here for information on study drug supply and opportunities for financial support to clinical and medical research.

• Any non-medical funding request by an organisation, other than a sponsorship or partnership request

• Non-health related community programs – these are accommodated within Lilly’s CSR program

• Religious programs

• Funding for capital campaigns or building funds

• Funding for capital equipment or ongoing operating expenses (e.g. office equipment, salaries, staff, computer hardware)

• Charity fundraising outside Australia

• Any reimbursement request to recover the cost of event expenses – Lilly cannot provide support after the activity/event has taken place or reimburse a HCP directly once travel has been organised/booked

When should I submit an application for a sponsorship or partnership request?

You can submit an application at any time, but all applications must be submitted at least 12 weeks prior to the scheduled activity date. Lilly cannot provide support after the activity or event has taken place. We also cannot reimburse once an activity has been organised/booked.  

Please liaise directly with your Lilly contact for a status update regarding your application.  

Alternatively, if you are not notified of the outcome of your request within 28 days please call Lilly on (02) 9325 4444 and ask to speak to the Ethics & Compliance team.

What documentation must be provided?

Please provide your Lilly contact with the following information (word file preferred):

• Specific program details

• Benefits of the program/activity for patients and/or the medical community

• Event/meeting details such as meeting agenda, number of attendees and venue (where the request relates to an educational meeting)

• Detailed breakdown of funding

• Any other information which supports the request and you feel is beneficial for us to know