Grants and Donations

Application Guidelines

We are currently not accepting applications for grants and donations.  Please check again in the future as we will update this page as circumstances change.  Thank you for your interest.

What is a Grant / Donation?

GRANT: Support, either financial or in-kind, given to an external third party organisation in response to an unsolicited request to support activities in which Lilly will have no other active participation. Also includes funding given proactively to support programs to help alleviate conditions caused by a natural disaster or humanitarian or health emergency.

DONATION: A financial or in-kind contribution, often given to a charitable organisation. Donations of Lilly medicines or devices may be given to support the needs of a specific segment of the population which, for a variety of circumstances, would not have access to the medicines or devices otherwise. Grants and Donations are not provided with the intent of directly or indirectly influencing the recipient to purchase, prescribe or recommend the use of Lilly products or services, nor providing reward for past or future interactions with the recipient.

What are the requirements to apply for a Lilly Grant or Donation? • The program or activity must not be subject to Lilly influence or control.
• The ‘recipient’ must sign a formal written agreement prior to funds being made available.
• The ‘recipient’ must acknowledge Lilly support.
Who can apply for a Lilly Grant or Donation? A grant or donation may be provided to institutions or organisations only (including not-for-profit organisations, professional societies, hospitals, universities or patient organisations). Individuals or groups of Healthcare Professionals / Providers who practice together as part of a medical practice group will not be considered.
What types of programs does Lilly consider for funding?

Types of programs that Lilly may consider for funding via its Grants and Donations Program include*:

1. Programs that improve patient care and provide valuable information to the medical and broader healthcare community. Educational programs, scientific awards or select research fellowships (detailed program description, no unrestricted grants).

2. Programs that provide HCP education (priority will be given to accredited programs).

3. Programs that conform to currently accepted medical practice and opinion.

4. Patient advocacy and consumer education programs (e.g. disease-state education and awareness, screenings, camps, etc.).

5. Programs that support specific therapeutic areas that Lilly is involved and has expertise in.

*NB: All applications will be considered subject to availability of funding

On what grounds would an application for a Lilly Grant or Donation be rejected?

The following requests will not be considered for funding via Lilly’s Grants and Donations Program:

• Grants or donations to individuals or group practices

• Requestors that operate outside the country of the granting affiliate (exception: umbrella organisations residing within the country of the granting affiliate)

• Website development not associated with an accredited educational program

• Religious programs

• Entertainment (e.g. class reunions, retirement dinners, etc.)

• Individual patients’ rehabilitation programs (with the exception of educational camps)

• Capital campaigns/building funds (e.g. equipment or building structures of significant expense, such as x-ray machines, painting of facilities etc)

• General capital or operating expenses (e.g. office equipment/staff, computer hardware/software, medical library resources, etc.)

• Fundraising campaigns (charitable contributions allowed)

• Textbooks and journal subscriptions

• Mass media productions not associated with educational content (e.g. CD-ROMS, webcasts, journal supplements, etc.)

• Personal development (e.g. individual leadership training)

• Personal travel

• Service contracts

• Sponsorships of HCPs to independent meetings

Are there any situations where Lilly may provide support or funding – but not through its Grants & Donations Program?

In some instances, Lilly may provide support or funding to an individual or organisation outside of its Grants & Donations Program. Such instances may include:

• Advertising, exhibit, and display fees (→ contact Lilly Marketing)

• Sponsorships of an Independent meeting (→ contact your Lilly representative)

• Funding for public policy research (→ contact Lilly Corporate Affairs)

• Funding for political contributions (→ contact Lilly Corporate Affairs)

• Requests for continuing supply of Lilly product to clinical trial patients (→ contact Lilly Medical)

• Compassionate use or Patient Assistance requests (→ contact Lilly Medical)

• Requests for commercial stock items in accordance with local Australian and New Zealand regulatory SAS provisions (→ contact Lilly Medical)

• Requests for starter packs or samples (→ contact your Lilly representative)

• Collaborative partnerships where Lilly has an active role that extends beyond just funding

For any enquiries on the above, please contact Lilly on +61 2 9325 4444 and ask to speak to the relevant department or representative.

How do I apply for a Grant or Donation?

We are currently not accepting applications for grants and donations.  Please check again in the future as we will update this page as circumstances change.